Wow Your Audience

Everybody in the room laughing and engaged!

Quality Entertainment

As a veteran performer with over a decade of stage experience Ryan has created a magic show that is unique, engaging, and highly interactive. As a trained improvisor his off-the-cuff moments with audience volunteers become the highlight of the show, and your guests become the stars. A solid choice for corporate events, fairs, festivals, and theatre shows.


Fun For Everybody

Ryan entertains adult and family audiences with clean comedy that will never offend. His good-spirited audience participation makes sure people leave the stage with a warm round of applause, and he never relies on insults or embarrassment to get laughs. It’s a worry-free choice for entertainment that will leave everybody with a smile on their face.

Your Event Partner

With years of experience both as an entertainer and event producer, Ryan knows what it takes to make a successful event. His practical knowledge not only makes for an entertaining show, but he can help with audio/visual solutions, event marketing and many more off-stage aspects. Let Ryan be a helpful member of your event team.

Community Spirit

Ryan loves to work with groups who make an impact on Canadian families. Ask about special programs to connect community champions with organizations in need to create magical events and programs to benefit everyone! Or find out how a magic show can benefit a charity of your choosing, one close to your heart.

Hassle-Free Entertainment

Loved by Event Planners

Even Steve liked it!

“WOW! What a performance! You are so talented and soooooo funny! Your after dinner show was amazing! From young to old you had us mesmerized! (even Steve!) It was far and beyond what I expected. You had all of us under your spell and your comedic timing was perfect.”

BJ Goerz, Complete Crossings Inc.

The Cherry On Top!

“I would recommend Ryan highly. He was the cherry on the top of our show. Age appropriate, had the energy to involve every individual in the room… it was phenomenal, and the comments and feedback, everyone loved him!"

Cindy DeSmit, Activities Coordinator


“Thank you for making my event amazing. You were a huge hit and I really don’t know what we would have done without you. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time."

Alixandra E, Party Planner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect with Ryan on your event team
What is the format of your performance?

For the majority of events my performance takes the form of a 45 minute non-stop show packed full of magic and comedy. It plays to a group of people seated theatre-style or in a banquet setting, most often ranging from 50 to 300 people.

Of course, the details can be changed. Sometimes I do a full 60-minute show for more theatrical events, or shorter shows in a festival setting. The best bet is to speak with me directly so I may suggest, based on my experience, what will be the ideal fit for your event.

Do you perform for childrens birthday parties?

Generally no, my specialty is entertaining adult and family audiences (children and parents together). There are performers who are experts at entertaining groups of young children in your living room, and I'm happy to recommend the best talent for your party even when that person is not me. Please do get in touch so I can make some personal suggestions.

What is your booking procedure?
  1. Chat with me about your event. I'll ask a lot of questions to make sure I can provide the best entertainment options possible, and follow-up with an official proposal tailored for your event.
  2. Your requested date will be "on hold" for a brief time while we settle the details, but your date is not booked or confirmed until an agreement is signed, and a booking deposit is paid.
  3. In the final days leading up to your event, we'll be in contact to double-check the plan and details so we're both prepared for the big day.
What do you mean when you say "I'm part of your event team?"

It means that you have access to me and all my experience gained from participating in and producing events for over a decade. I want to hear about your challenges and help you out. In particular, I may be able to help with:

Event promotion, marketing, and selling tickets. Media outreach and appearances. Graphic design and event posters. Stage set-up and audio/visual equipment.

What do you require to do your show?

No two events are the same, and I pride myself on being flexible to make the best of every situation. Basically, I need to be seen and heard by the entire audience. That means lights on the performance area (or general room lighting), and a PA sound system appropriate for the venue. So long as the details are arranged in advance, I can be ready with the necesarry gear to make your event go off without a hitch!

Are there any groups for which you will not perform?

Over the years I have entertained, and shared a laugh with, humans of all types including a variety of religious groups. I believe it is important to interact with people even if (especially if) your personal views are different. My performance does not aim to make any political statements. That said, I may decline to participate in an event that is intended to explicitly promote a viewpoint that I personally disagree with, as my participation would imply my being complicit in that belief.

Are you reliable? Can I trust you to show up?

In over a decade as a professional event performer I have never once missed an event for which I was hired. Rest assured, once we have a signed agreement, nothing will get in the way of that booking.

I'm shocked when I hear stories of event planners with entertainers who "just didn't show up." In the event of extreme circumstances (which I've thankfully never had to deal with) I will be contact with you to ensure your event is well taken care of and alternative arrangements made. We're in this together!

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, I carry an active liability insurance policy that is specific to Canadian entertainers to protect against incidents that may happen during my performances. Of course preventative safety is the first priority and, fortunately, I've never yet had to file any claims. When required, with advance notice, I can obtain a special insurance certificate that names your organization or venue in the policy.