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Professional Event Entertainment. Everybody in the room laughing and engaged!

Ryan Pilling provides amazing and funny entertainment for your event. When you want your audience smiling, laughing, and getting involved with a funny (and respectful) show, Ryan wants to talk with you!
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Based in Ottawa, Ontario and performing across Canada

Quality Entertainment

As a veteran performer with over a decade of stage experience Ryan has created a magic show that is unique, engaging, and highly interactive. As a trained improvisor his off-the-cuff moments with audience volunteers become the highlight of the show, and your guests become the stars. A solid choice for corporate events, fairs, festivals, and theatre shows.

Fun For Everybody

Ryan entertains adult and family audiences with clean comedy that will never offend. His good-spirited audience participation makes sure people leave the stage with a warm round of applause, and he never relies on insults or embarrassment to get laughs. It’s a worry-free choice for entertainment that will leave everybody with a smile on their face.

Your Event Partner

With years of experience both as an entertainer and event producer, Ryan knows what it takes to make a successful event. His practical knowledge not only makes for an entertaining show, but he can help with audio/visual solutions, event marketing and many more off-stage aspects. Let Ryan be a helpful member of your event team.

Community Spirit

Ryan loves to work with groups who make an impact on Canadian families. Ask about special programs to connect community champions with organizations in need to create magical events and programs to benefit everyone! Or find out how a magic show can benefit a charity of your choosing, one close to your heart.

Guaranteed Fun Events

If Ryan's show does not get positive reviews you get your money back.

Ryan's personal promise: "I have one primary job which is to entertain your audience. If I can't fulfill that expectation I will rip up your cheque. So far in my career, Ive never dropped the ball, but I want you to know I'm serious, and the success of your event is important to me."

Hassle-Free Entertainment, Loved by Event Planners

Live Performance Video

I invite you to watch the video, not so much for the tricks that I perform (which often change) but rather the way in which I do them.

Keep an eye on the audience and the on-stage helpers who are laughing, smiling, and having a good time!

Ryan Pilling Magician Video

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